Adriaan Geuze


Adriaan Geuze (1960) is a landscape architect. With his firm West 8 he completes projects such as the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. West 8 investigates the relationship between city and landscape, between landscape design and urban planning, and interweaves both according to a pragmatic, functional approach.

Adriaan Geuze studies landscape architecture at the University of Wageningen, and graduates in 1987. He founds West 8 together with landscape architect Paul van Beek that same year. The firm concentrates on urban design and landscape architecture and is based in Rotterdam although has since expanded with branches in New York and Toronto. 

Geuze establishes a strong reputation with his design for the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam in 1990 and by winning the Prix de Rome in the category Urban Design and Landscape Architecture. In 1992, he founds the Surrealistic Landscape Architects which firmly places the field of landscape design in the public eye. In 1995, he is awarded the Rotterdam Maaskant Prize for young architects.

He delivers a witty criticism of the dull and unimaginative nature of architectural practices by envisaging the housing of the future as 800.000 identical small wooden houses installed below the arcade of the NAI. During this time, Geuze also works on the urban design plans for Borneo-Sporenburg in the eastern port area of Amsterdamse (1993-1996), a well-conceived high-density, low-rise residential project with maximum architectural variation.

Adriaan Geuze is professor at Delft University of Technology and guest professor at Harvard University. In 2005 he was curator of the second Architecture Biennial in Rotterdam. 


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