Max van Huut


The organic buildings he built in collaboration with Ton Alberts shaped the reputation of Max van Huut (1947).

Max van Huut studies at the Hoger Technisch Instituut in Amsterdam followed by the Academie van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam. Van Huut works for various firms of architects before joining Ton Alberts’ office in 1975. He co-designed one of his most influential projects, the NMB Bank in Amsterdam Southeast (now ING), with Ton Alberts. In 1987 he becomes a partner in the firm and the architect duo Alberts & Van Huut becomes the representative of organic architecture with an anthroposophical leaning.

Alberts & Van Huut seal their popularity with the public at large with their design for the Gasunie headquarters in Groningen, which echoes the NMB building. In architectural circles, there is concern that organic design will propagate too many clones of the NMB office. Nonetheless, Alberts & Van Huut continue to enjoy commercial success and despite their unusual design, their buildings are functional, efficient and satisfy the commercial specifications of offices, sporting facilities, theatres, education institutions and housing. Marius Ballieux joins the company in 1994 and has been architect and co-director since 2001.


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