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Jan Verhoeven

Jan Verhoeven (1926-1994), Herman Hertzberger, Joop van Stigt and Piet Blom are considered the exponents...

Projects: Hofdijk residential development and Drienerlo student accommodation



Viervant is an 18th century cabinet-making family that hails from Arnhem. The Viervants, and particularly...

Projects: Interior design


Leendert Cornelis van der Vlugt

Leendert Cornelis van der Vlugt was one of the foremost pioneers of the Nieuwe Bouwen...

Projects: Van Nelle factory


Pieter Vorkink

Pieter Vorkink (1878-1960) works as architect, tutor and member of the society Architectura et Amicitia....

Projects: Villa Het Reigersnest


Allert Warners

Nowadays, Allert Warners is known mainly as the architect of the colourful Slotermeerlaan/Van Deyssel laan...

Projects: Apartment buildings A and B, in A.


Filip Anne Warners

F.A. Warners made a major contribution to the introduction of the multi-storied house and set...

Projects: Westhove multi-storied house and Apartment buildings A and B, in A.


Carlos José Maria Weeber

Architect Carel Weeber makes his mark with housing block De Peperklip in Rotterdam south and...

Projects: Dutch Pavilion Osaka World Fair, Housing Block De Peperklip and Black Madonna


Hendrik Wijdeveld

Hendricus Theodorus Wijdeveld (1885-1987) considers himself as director with the world as a total theatre,...

Projects: Prijsvraag Vredespaleis, The Cityless City, Chaos and Order, 15 Miles into the Earth, Frank Lloyd Wright Promotion and Pier Zandvoort


Dick van Woerkom

Dick van Woerkom (1924-1987) strove to embody the theories of artists’ group De Stijl in...

Projects: Studio Design for a Family Dwelling and Studio Residence Van Woerkom


Piet Zanstra

Piet Zanstra was a moderate functionalist with a versatile body of work to his name:...

Projects: Studio houses


Jan David Zocher

Jan David Zocher Junior (1791-1870) is one of the most important representatives of the rural...

Projects: Zocher’s interiors and exteriors



Marius Frans Duintjer

Marius Duintjer (1908-1983) is chiefly known as the architect of a couple of colossal office...

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