Competition design Bank of the Netherlands head quarters

The board of De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam decided in 1948 that a new bank...

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Marius Frans Duintjer

Marius Duintjer (1908-1983) is chiefly known as the architect of a couple of colossal office...

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Admire the Highlights of Dutch Architecture

‘Treasures of the NAI’ shows the highlights of Dutch architecture. Remarkable objects from the permanent NAI exhibition Treasury are on display, along with other exceptional material from the NAI collection. The objects are yours to explore, collect and share. Dive into the collection and roam through the history of Dutch architecture, using the search function, timeline, map and image cloud as your guides.

All the objects in 'Treasures of the NAI' say something about the character of the Netherlands. Not in a single story but in many, for there are many gradations to Dutch identity. The site showcases this diversity and richness on the basis of six main themes, six Dutch qualities that are evident in the NAI’s collection: ‘experimental', 'together', ‘open’, ‘makeable’, ‘curious’ and ‘restrained’.

The objects in the site combine into a portrait of the history of Dutch architecture, and thus of Dutch society. At the same time they give us pause for reflection. Can we still identify those themes of earlier times in modern-day architecture? Do we still think such themes are important? The Treasury is, by extension, also a portrait of you. What are your values? What do you find important?

The treasures all come from the NAI collection. We keep and care for roughly 500 archives and individual collections created by Dutch architects, urban designers, professional associations and training institutes. They date from the period 1850 - 1980.  Besides museum quality drawings, the collection also contains sketches, preliminary designs, working drawings, business and personal correspondence, photographs, models, collections of press clippings, and published articles.

From 2013 the NAI is part of The New Institute. The New Institute celebrates the innovative power of architecture, design and e-culture. The organisation arose out of a merger between the Netherlands Architecture Institute; Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion; and Virtueel Platform, the e-culture knowledge institute.