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15 Miles into the Earth

It cannot be denied that Wijdeveld’s attitude was experimental. Especially in the latter years of his life he concentrated on large-scale, utopian projects in which he was seeking for a new relationship between mankind, nature and culture.

He situated this 1944 design for an international geological research centre in a shaft in the earth at a depth of 15 miles. Designed during the harsh winter of 1944 and 1945 at the tail end of the second world war when food and supplies were scarce, this project is a plea for international collaboration and for putting science and technology to a peaceful use. At that point in time, little was known of the earth’s deeper strata. Wijdeveld foresees new discoveries, a ‘uranium age’.

At the same time, the project is a ‘world theatre’. With a ritual scene taking place at the base of the shaft, he depicts the world coming into being as the primordial force of nature and man’s creative power collide in an explosive display of energy.


Krantenkop commented approximately 11 years ago:

Hier een wat merkwaardige verzameling kunstwerken 'met gaten'. aaronder dit project van Wijdeveld. Curieus, maar leuk.

erix commented approximately 11 years ago:

Wijdeveld staat hier temidden van kunstenaars en gezien zijn 'wijde blik' lijkt me dat heel toepasselijk. Erg jammer dat ik zijn overzichtstentoonstelling in het NAi destijds niet gezien heb. Hier staan in elk geval een aantal bijzondere projecten

Niels Talens commented approximately 11 years ago:

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