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Interior of Bungehuis

The directors of prestigious companies that wanted a modern office building were at the right address with Van Gendt. He was also prepared to meet his clients’ styling wishes. The design of this office building was commissioned by J.C. Bunge, a businessman with a great interest in culture, who has a major influence on the design. He wants a building without sculptural features or wall paintings, made of natural materials. These interior designs by Van Gendt are not carried out. Van Gendt dies while the building is under construction, so W.J. Klok, who also has an important share in the design, continues the work.

The six-storey building has a plain style with Art Deco features. All the decoration is comprised of geometric patterns. In the interior, chrome, brass, milk glass and different types of tropical wood are used. The enormous stairwell is tiled with grey-blue glazed architectural terra-cotta. Part of the original interior has been lost following various changes. The building now houses the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Humanities.


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