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Villa Het Reigersnest

On 2 April 1920 during a modest ceremony, the final stone of villa Het Reigersnest is laid, two years after the contract was officially awarded to architects P. Vorkink and Jac. Ph. Wormser. The villa was intended to be a holiday home for the Rotterdam insurance broker I.M. Hudig and his family. The architects were probably chosen on the advice of the principal’s brother Mr. D. Hudig, an urban planner working in Amsterdam.

The two architects had complete freedom to build a villa in Oostvoorne, together with a gardener’s house and a belvedere in the dunes, which was demolished during the war. The surrounding dunes were an ideal setting for the typically sculptural lines of the Amsterdam School of architectural design.

Villa ‘Het Reigersnest', which literally means ‘Heron’s Nest’ derives its name from the heron colony that inhabited the woodland lake until the 1950s. The architect J.F. Staal waxed lyrical over 't Reigersnest in the journal ‘Wendingen’. The characteristic design of the villa was conceived as a central two-storey volume with two single storey wings forming a blunt angle connected at the centre by an oval space. To the north of this space is the entrance, while to the right there is an internal veranda with a low balustrade. The various design drawings that remain of the villa reveal three phases in the design process and the layout of the rooms. In the initial stage, the west wing terminated with a right-angled corner. Later, this part of the wing was expanded to include a covered corridor and a stable. The entire house was completed by an undulating thatched roof.


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