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Pier Zandvoort

The pier in Zandvoort was the crowning glory of a new total landscape between Amsterdam and Zandvoort, giving the area a great sense of the spiritual. This was a landscape that the advancing consumer society had already allocated for recreational purposes.

Wijdeveld designed an enormous mega structure on the dividing line between water and land, raising the pleasures of the beach to the level of total theatre where nature and culture converged. Besides the pier, Wijdeveld also designed a shell museum, an aquarium, a cinema and a theatre; he even designed a series of bathing caps.

From Amsterdam’s old city centre, motorists could drive through the woods of a ‘National Park Amsterdam Zandvoort’ straight onto the pier. In doing so, Wijdeveld allowed modern nomads in the guise of motorised tourists to experience the connections between the archetypal elements of air, earth and water.

Lit. Jean-Paul Baeten, Aaron Betsky. Ontwerp het onmogelijke: de wereld van architect Hendrik Wijdeveld (1885-1987). Rotterdam : NAi Uitgevers, 2006.


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