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Prix de Rome trip 1948-1949

The winner of the Prix de Rome was announced in 1947. Jaap Schipper receives the gold medal of honour, while Nicolaï’s design for a religious centre comes away with the silver medal. Both receive a year’s grant for a study trip: a sum of 1,200 guilders, which was the same amount as was awarded in 1870. They are permitted to choose their own destination. Instead of opting for the traditional ‘Grand Tour’ through classical Europe, they decide to travel through France, Spain, North Africa and Italy in an old war jeep with Cora Nicolaï-Chaillet in 1948-1949, recording their five-and-a-half-month journey in diaries, sketches, photos and slides.

The NAI archives comprise hundreds of negatives and thousands of photographs. Photos from the early 19th century to the 1990s. In addition to architecture photography, the collection also contains a large amount of amateur photography. Photos taken by architects of cities and landscapes during foreign study trips and holidays, portraits of family members, friends and colleagues, documentation of their own building projects and photos of architecture that inspired or astonished them. They are a source of information about the personal lives of architects, the architectural practice and the period in which they worked.


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