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Plans for the Expansion of Eindhoven

Until well into the twentieth century, urban expansion occurs more or less incidentally; a settlement spreads outwards in a series of small steps, with no cohesive vision of the city as a whole or the surrounding area. Urban planners now turn their efforts to changing this trend.

Street plans – this is how the minor expansions of a city, without a broader context, are referred to. Street after street springs up along the fringes of a city or village, and the boundary of the built area gradually fans outwards. This is precisely how, in the first half of the twentieth century, once small villages such as Woensel, Stratum and Gestel were slowly swallowed up by the urban conglomeration of Eindhoven.

This regional plan for Eindhoven was designed to bring some kind of coherence to the practice of ad-hoc urban development, and was developed in 1930 by the ambitious urban planner J.M. de Casseres. Rather than being based on research, De Casseres’ expansion plan is more of a growth model for the city.


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