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Expansion Plan for The Hague /Scheveningen

In his urban development plans just after 1900, architect Berlage places great emphasis on creating a comprehensive development plan. Berlage insists that the numerous incidental sub-plans currently being built must be embedded within a coherent composition by means of a clearly defined urban plan. In achieving this, he employs a number of strategies, the most important of which is designing the three-dimensional nature of the city plan. Berlage not only devises the plan of the streets with building lines, he defines the spaces and streets and squares with monumental city blocks. 

The perspective drawing of the Gevers Deynootplein in Scheveningen is part of Berlage’s urban expansion plans of 1907-1911 for The Hague. It creates an efficient traffic structure with straight streets and central squares. The broad, spaciously designed square offers open sightlines. Berlage underlines the importance of the square with the design of a raised balustrade and by situating public buildings on the square.

In 1911 the city council adopts Berlage’s expansion plan. For several decades, Berlage’s plan will largely determine and direct the growth of The Hague. In contrast, few of the buildings designed by Berlage, such as a new theatre, public baths, schools and a town hall, are built.


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