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VipCity / The Unadapted City

Designers: Luc Deleu

VipCity is part of a larger project in which Belgian architect and conceptual artist Luc Deleu has been working since 1998: ‘The Unadapted City’. This is not a concrete urban design but a study springing from Deleu’s ideas about ecology and architecture.

Deleu believes that, as the planet becomes ever more crowded, housing will become an enormous challenge and urban space will need to be multifunctional and flexible. His premise is that every city is unadapted and, because of this, can be adapted to meet new, unanticipated demands in relation to spatial needs. An urban design is realised once the required number of amenities and homes have been calculated. These mathematical calculations serve as the basis for a city that is structured on a large scale, but offers space for individual needs and changes on a smaller scale. This means, for example, providing sufficient cinemas which can be adapted to function as a sports hall when needs change. 

The principal structure of the city consists of a meandering ribbon that is built up of several layers one on top of the other, thus interconnecting traffic flows, amenities and public space.

‘The Unadapted City’ is a project in phases. VipCity (199-2004) is the fourth phase of the master plan; preceding neighbourhoods include Brikabrak (1998), Dinkytown (1998-1999) and Octopus (1999).


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