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Modern Homes: the Weissenhofsiedlung

Client: Gemeente Stuttgart en Deutsche Werkbund

Designers: Jacobus Johannes Pieter Oud

Around 1926, the Deutsche Werkbund invited Oud to design a number of model dwellings for an international exhibition in Stuttgart exploring modes of contemporary living.

The goal of the exhibition, to which numerous architects contributed, was to present experiments with efficient models of urban housing and new construction materials and techniques. The Weissenhofsiedlung focused on a new approach to urban living, highlighting new techniques and materials, and propagating the use of contemporary, industrially manufactured components. In designing the interior, the most crucial aspect was to promote health and create functional, light, airy, sunny and spacious dwellings.

Oud developed a row of houses with a north-facing street side and a garden side (which also happened to be at the front) on the south. The ground floor in the north comprised a small hallway, an enclosed courtyard and a washhouse. The kitchen and stairway were situated in the middle with the living room on the south side. The first floor holds three bedrooms, a bathroom and an area for drying laundry. 


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